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How long will my order take to process and then ship? TOP

Although we are working towards getting orders out within 2-5 business days, orders may take up to 10 business days to process during holidays and/or sales. Once items ship, they will travel via 1st class mail and take 2-5 days to arrive in the continental US.

**Please note that orders are processed in the order received.

We do offer RUSH shipping, which you can contact us via email about. With RUSH, your order will be processed within 48 business hours, then shipped via USPS Priority Mail, which is 2-3 shipping days.

PLEASE NOTE- if an item has the words PRE ORDER in the title listing, be sure to note which date it will ship by before ordering*

What do you mean by "interchangeable" flowers and bases? TOP

Almost all of our flowers and fabric rosettes are available on velcro so that you can interchange them onto our different velcro base headbands, clips, belts and sashes!!  The options are endless!!  You can even choose to attach 1, 2 or even 3 flowers to the base!  Some headbands are still only available securely attached to the headband if the weight of the flower/piece is heavy and not conducive to interchanging.

Do I have to purchase an "interchangeable base" AND an "interchangeable flower" at the same time? TOP

Absolutely not! :)  The beauty of offering interchangeable items is that you can purchase these things separately. If you want one base and ten flowers, go for it! If you have previously purchased a base and are coming back for more flowers, great!

I just ordered some interchangeable flowers. What am I supposed to attach them to? TOP

For a large selection of base headbands, clips, beanies, etc., click on our section called Interchangeable Bases.

It says the headband is cut at 15 inches but stretches. How much will it stretch? TOP

You can generally count on the headbands to comfortably stetch 2-3 inches.

I ordered a flower and want the exact headband pictured with it. Where can I find the headband? TOP

You should be able to find it in our section called Interchangeable Bases.

I'm trying to order a flower/color/option I see pictured, but I don't see it on the drop down list. Can I still order it? TOP

If a specific color or option is not shown in the drop-down list, it is most likely unavailable or out-of-stock.

Why aren't your raw silk items available as interchangeable? TOP

Due to the delicate nature of the raw silk, as well as the weight of many of the products, we only offer our raw silk items as non-interchangeable.

Why aren't the dainty flower headbands interchangeable? TOP

After several attempts at trying to make the dainty flower headbands interchangeable, we found they are just too small to be successfully interchanged. 

What is the difference between the Chiffon Ruffle Rosette and the Chiffon Ruffle Poof? TOP

On the rosette, the ends of the flower are "raw" and threads hang off of it giving it a more "shabby" look. The poofs have smooth, folded-over edges, making the edges "clean."

Do you accept returns? TOP

Because each item is hand-made to order, returns will incur a 30% re-stocking fee. Shipping is non-refundable.

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